PROCUREMENT BEST PRACTICE AND COST REDUCTION Why is this so often not achieved internally?... Principally by not having such extensive background and wide ranging constant set of negotiations. We have access to new suppliers across many industries with new ideas and processes. Our experience ranges from aerospace mission critical procurement, to commodities ‘nuts and bolts’. Outstanding Record of Best Practice Procurement Our team has delivered double digit savings to blue chip and SME alike consistently for three decades both locally and globally. This comes with a solid dose of inventory reduction, improved availability, benchmark quality, sustainability and long term supplier relationships. With our transparent, hands-on and ethical approach, we share and deliver knowledge transfer from day one. This gives savings and the capability to deliver longevity. This works so well that major VC, Banking and Turnaround partners call on us on a routine basis. However niche or vast your day to day requirement is, there is always room to improve. © 2020 Provision  2014 01242 675 254