© 2020 Provision  2014 Our team has delivered very significant savings to  clients for three decades, both locally and  globally. This comes with inventory reduction,  improved availability, benchmark quality,  sustainability and long term supplier relationships.  We routinely deliver game changing solutions  deploying a network of best-in-class suppliers  across a wide commodity spectrum.  As practised technicians in delivering cost reduction programmes we confidently  deliver significant improvement at a pace to suit your business.  All of this is underpinned by an ongoing experienced professionalism to ensure  we offer optimal current and future sourcing strategies appropriate to your  business. Strategic Cost Reduction is not a matter of scale of processes or the size of enterprise.  It is about professionalism, tenacity, determination and a focus on the quality of the outcome required. To reduce costs, as well as  improve service level performance, is the commitment we make to all clients.  01242 675 254 “Consistently delivering significant annual savings for clients over three     decades. From global blue-chip to local SME.“